As the new year begins, we would like to use this webpage to identify volunteers for upcoming events at which the FRWLC and the RPLC need assistance - Voter Registrars, assist at Parades, as well as volunteer for other events.


We often have parades and other events at which we need assistance (such as the Ft Stanton Memorial Day event, at which we pass out water, lemonade, and cookies).  No experience is required, only willing hands.


For events at which we'll offer Voter Registration, we MUST have at least one official Voter Registrar per shift.  That said - it is much more fun to have someone to sit with and talk, so IF you have a "non-official" friend you would like to have work with you - that's fine - just let me know. 

It's easy to become an official Voter Registrar.  Simply go to the County Clerk's office in Carrizozo and sign up with them.  They will give you some literature to review, a form to complete and then give you a packet of voter registration forms.

  • While Voter Registration is absolutely non-partisan, the FRWLC does receives some compensation for each Republican that is registered - so be sure to GIVE YOUR FORMS ONLY TO DIANA BILLINGSLEY - and IMMEDIATELY upon completion of your term.  (Diana must send them to Las Cruces within 2 days of the date on the form for us to receive compensation.)
  • To register voters, at least one person/shift must be an official registrar.  If you have a friend who would like to sit with you, that's fine.
  • REGISTRATION PACKETS (consisting of a tablecloth, a small poster to set up identifying the table/booth) may be picked up from the RPLC headquarters office in Lincoln Towers.  You may need to coordinate when the office is open to get the packet.
  • CARD TABLE / CHAIR - for your comfort, you may want to bring your own table and/or chair, or contact others who are volunteering to see if anyone has them available to borrow.
  • AWNING - If you'd like to borrow an awning to use when registering during the day in the sun, the Billingsley's have one you may use. Contact Diana or John to arrange.
  • If you sign up to work a shift and find you cannot, please arrange for another person to substitute for you - OR contact me so I can remove your name and try to find a substitute.  


Parade events are separate from Voter Registration.  We typically have a truck and trailer, and need people to decorate and walk/ride the parade route.  Typically: 

  • There are two 7' Statue of Liberty cut-outs that can be mounted on a trailer bed.
  • We need people of all ages to walk/ride the route.
  • You may be asked to provide your own sign (lightweight poster board is recommended) with a slogan in keeping with the Parade theme.
  • You may also be asked to bring a bag of candy (or two or three) to hand out along the route.